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Globe Enterprises has earned a name for itself and is known throughout the West, Middle-East and South-East Asia. As an international trading company of Commitment, Competence & Performance excellence, in distribution & marketing, import, export of:

Food grains and Agricultural products and commodities.
Medicine and Health related items.
Minerals, Crude Oil & Oil products, Chemicals, Cement/Clinkers.
Building & Construction materials, Steel-Roofing & Fasteners.
Industrial, Agricultural & Process Equipment.
Electrical & Electronic Household Equipment.

Today, Globe Enterprises aim to be thoroughly involved in Iraq’s Infrastructure Reconstruction Program to participate in the design, rehabilitation, upgrading, reconstruction, and construction of Iraq’s infrastructure. Currently, we offer to provide skilled and talented manpower in all fields and guarantee our customers with our high level of commitment and quality service through providing:

Highly educated and skilled Iraqi manpower (engineers, technicians and skilled     workers) in different fields and specializations. We offer to take care of all their     living conditions such as housing, healthcare, security and transportation.

Furnished apartments, houses, hotels for foreign personal staff with full services     and accommodation.

Site camp with full accommodation and services including healthcare and     recreational services.

Security and safety for site camps, houses, offices and personal bodyguards.

Insurance for cars, houses, offices and other personal belongings.

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