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AL-AZAL Trading Co. Ltd. Was established in Iraq in 1988 as a private limited company by it’s founder Engineer Raifet Al-Hamdani, an engineer by profession turned businessman with foresight named the company “AL-AZAL” – an Arabic word meaning ‘Eternity’. The company’s investment in the subsidiaries now stands to USD25 million.

AL-AZAL vision and mission is to provide quality services in international trade and investment in:

International Trade
Investment in Manufacturing
Construction, Oil-well Drilling, Refinery
Construction Contracting
Housing Development
Project-indenting and Management
Turnkey Projects
Ship Building and Engineering

In an endeavor to create an international clientele, cater for human needs at:

Competitive and right prices and supply
Right products at the right time and place

AL-AZAL also owns controlling shares in banks in Russia and Nauru Islands and arranges capital financing in viable industrial projects.

AL-AZAL since 1990, after the imposition of the U.N. embargo and economic sanctions on Iraq, has engaged all its wits and guts in securing soft loans through friendly countries for purchases of food-grains, food, health related items, medicine and items of civil needs to Iraq by U.N. permission.

1994’s turnover was above USD 100 million and 1995-1997 was USD148 million, by sourcing and supplying of food, medicine and health related products, irrigation equipment and other items of civil need to Iraq.

Al-AZAL also have earned recognition and reputation for it’s market-coordinating ability throughout the United States of America, France, Switzerland, Hungary, United Arab Emirates and Russia throughout the establishment of it’s offices, subsidiaries and associated companies and has gained access to Malaysia through it’s representative office.


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